Take Extra Safety Precautions

Learn how a security officer can make your Portland, OR office a safer place

You don't want your workplace to become a target for a terrorist attack, an armed robbery or a break-in. Keep these kinds of situations from occurring with the help of the expert private security team at Black Wolf Protection Group. An alert security officer patrolling your property can keep potential mischief-makers from causing trouble. If someone decides to target your workplace, we'll stop them in their tracks before matters get out of hand.

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Find out more about our services

Find out more about our services

Do you need a private investigator to look into a worker's compensation claim, or a secure courier service for an important package? No matter what kind of security services you need, turn to Black Wolf Protection Group. Individuals in the Portland, OR area depend on us to provide all kinds of security services.

We can assign and dispatch to your location:

  • A private investigator
  • Active shooter response teams
  • A front desk security officer
  • Vehicle patrol teams
  • An event security detail

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